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Partridge Cemetery Fees and Policies

Effective January 1, 2006

Lots/spaces - A lot contains five spaces (numbered from north to south).

Rates for regular cemetery lots:
Resident: Each space $125.00. An entire lot $625.00.
Non-resident: Each space $350.00.

Opening and closing of graves:
The rate for opening and closing is $350.00. If either the opening or closing falls on Saturday or Sunday there will be an additional charge of $50.00 for a total weekend rate of $400.00.
Opening fee will be waived for
active military burials.

Opening and closing cremains burials:
The rate for opening and closing is $100.00 on weekdays and $125.00 Saturday and Sunday.
Opening fee will be waived for active military burials.

The cost of transferring unused spaces to another person or family member is $10.00 per transfer, regardless of the number of spaces being transferred.

Temporary markers:
The cost of providing a temporary marker is $40.00


Flowers may be placed in permanent containers at any time. Permanent containers, statuary or any other objects must be attached to the marker or on top of the permanent base. This is to allow for regular trimming and maintenance. Flowers may be placed in temporary containers on Wednesday prior to Memorial Day and must be picked up no later than the Monday following Memorial Day. Any items including live plants left after this date will be disposed of. Trash containers will be provided on Wednesday before Memorial Day and left until cleanup is complete.

No flowers, shrubs or trees may be planted without written permission from the trustee.   

A concrete vault is required for all casket burials.

Every burial requires a temporary marker. Within twelve months after burial temporary markers must be replaced with a permanent marker. Concrete, copper or stone monuments may range in size from a minimum size 2”W x 8”H x 12”L to a maximum of 8”W x 36”H x 60”L on concrete and/or stone base large enough to facilitate mowing.

For contact information, contact

Cemetery Sextons
Marlin Miller
(620) 727-1353
(620) 662-7000

Partridge City Office
2 W Ave E
Partridge, KS 67566

(620) 567-2493

Revised 12.13.2017

Information provided by Center Township Trustees

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